About Dawna Stafford

extras-only_mg_9219Athlete & Certified Health Coach

Dawna is an athlete, Certified Health Coach and musician from Portland, Oregon. She loves to motivate and inspire others by practicing consistency in fitness and nutrition, sharing her own personal journey, and living out an example of the change that is possible in life when we are willing to transform our thinking.

As a writer and former broadcaster, she loves to share her observations on mindset and transformation in a creative way that connects with people on a heart level.


Music is a fundamental part of Dawna’s life. Her music carries a message of positivism, hope, love and transformation. Her acoustic arrangements are sensitive and lyric driven. With musical foundations in the church, her experience is diverse as she’s played in various venues in the Northwest, Portland and Seattle. For demo’s, testimonials and booking information visit the Dawna Stafford Music page.

With professional beginnings in broadcast radio and public speaking, Dawna has a range of personal, creative and business experience that she brings to all that she does. She is the owner of Stafford Studios Web Design & Creative Media which was launched in January 2003. She is also the founder of the I Quit Fear movement established in 2014 and received the Right Now Today Humanitarian award for outstanding community service in 2016.

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