About Dawna Stafford

extras-only_mg_9219Musician, Entrepreneur & Athlete

Dawna is a musicianathlete, small business owner, and certified health coach from Portland, Oregon. One of her life goals is to motivate and inspire others by being genuine and transparent in her personal journey.

“I’ve learned many lessons through this beautiful, arduous, hopeful and often difficult process of life. Above all, every breath is a gift. I want to be able to share that through creativity and ingenuity.”


Music has always been a fundamental part of Dawna’s life. She started playing piano as a young child but struggled learning to read music. “I was unable to read staff music fluently so I’d memorize the pieces yet still flip the pages of my music during performances to hide what I thought was a deficit in my ability.” In her early 20’s she picked up the acoustic guitar and began learning to play, “It was a busier time of life with a full time career and becoming a mom for the first time but I learned, practiced and played when I could.” She has been largely self-taught but has had the opportunity to learn from and play with many talented musicians over the years.

Her music carries a message of positivism, hope, love and transformation with acoustic arrangements that are upbeat, sensitive and lyric driven. Dawna plays throughout the Northwest including Portland, Vancouver, Spokane, Idaho and Seattle. For demo’s, testimonials and booking information visit the Dawna Stafford Music page.

With professional beginnings in broadcast radio and public speaking, Dawna has a range of personal, creative and business experience that she brings to all that she does. She is the owner of Stafford Studios Web Design & Creative Media which was launched in January 2003. She is also the founder of the I Quit Fear project established in 2014 and received the Right Now Today Humanitarian award for outstanding community service in 2016.

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