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I’m in my 3rd year of working out with the Strongboard Balance board. Three years is a testament to a lot of things! I STILL love it, it’s showing zero wear and tear, and it has been a number one way of exercising my creativity in workouts. I can amp up so many movements by incorporating the Strongboard. The fact that there is no 100% point of balance when you’re standing on the board means that it will force you to level up from a Bosu ball or other similar balance platforms.

The Strongboard is great for at-home workouts. Many of us don’t have time to go back and forth to the gym every day so it’s nice to have an arsenal of things to enhance your workouts no matter where you are. Traditional training or all cardio can get boring, especially if you have limited options at home. Imagine having a few free weights or kettlebells, some resistance bands and a Strongboard. There would be literally hundreds of exercises you could perform at home or outside on a nice day and be continually challenged in balance, stability, strength and cardio. The other awesome thing about having a Strongboard at home is that it’s great for kids and adults of all ages. Movements can always be adapted depending on your skill level. Kids love it because it looks fun plus it enhances any training program meaning we can develop our kids as stronger, more balanced athletes.

Below is an example of both a core and leg workout which can be done anywhere. You don’t need a weighted ball, any ball will work or you can even move a free weight from side to side which forces you to hold that plank and work that core!

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