Warm & Cozy Bluetooth Headphones From Sound Huggle

Sound Huggle Earmuffs Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesEarmuffs + Wireless Bluetooth Headphones from Sound Huggle

I hate being cold. I mean, seriously I hate it so bad that it makes me want to cry! When I heard about these cute and cozy earmuffs from Sound Huggle that combine warmth and comfort with wireless Bluetooth headphone technology, I couldn’t wait to try them. Thinking the sound quality would be decent I was shocked when I slid them over my ears for the first time. They easily paired with my phone, I pulled up the playlist and listened. Being a musician, I’m particular about audio quality. Often using custom in-ear monitors and studio headphones, my ears are pretty discerning. The high fidelity sound and bass response without distortion at high volumes was surprising, decidedly outperforming other earbuds I’ve used. This means that not only do I have super cute, high end constructed ear muffs but also pro level, totally wireless sound.

Sound Huggle earmuffs take calls too!

My ears get a hug & a snuggle along with hearing supreme audio with Sound Huggle earmuffs, AND they also take calls! When it’s cold and I need to take a call I don’t have to break my warmth barrier to keep communication going. Stay warm while commuting and stay legal while driving with hands-free calls!

A Single charge lasts for 7 hours of music or 9 hours of talking

A pair of Sound Huggles will last for seven hours of music or nine hours of talk time on one single charge—perfect for those people who like to listen to seven straight hours of music or talk for nine straight hours. Haha!

Sound Huggle earmuffs offer high-end construction, they’re lightweight and are extremely durable which means they’re great for kids too. My 13 year old daughter has already tried to take mine but she’ll just have to wait until Christmas to get her own. There will be a limited quantity of Sound Huggle earmuffs available for $117 through their Indiegogo page beginning November 7, 2017. Follow Sound Huggle on social media and place future orders through their website at www.soundhuggle.com.

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