How to Finally Win at Weight Loss

img_7019-300pxThe art of practicing precedes winning.

Most of us have the inherent desire to want to win but then we struggle in the area of practice and consistency. Reaping the results of being healthy is the same way. We have to practice. Why is the practice of being healthy important? Because in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle long term including healthy physical, mental and emotional results, we need to establish new habits and patterns throughout the entire process and that happens through practice.

How many people do you know who have successfully lost weight only to regain what they lost and maybe more? As it turns out, allowing yourself to learn what it takes to be a lean and healthy person and engage in that part of the process, is a necessary component to keeping the weight off. You are practicing being at a lean, healthy weight even if you aren’t there yet. If you spent years practicing being overweight and unhealthy, it’s going to take time to put some new things into practice to start changing how you think and behave.

its-not-the-will-to-winWhen we spend more time looking for shortcuts rather than just establishing and investing in what it will take to get there, we’re forgetting that being equipped, and knowing what to do once we get there, is just as important. Again, that is learned through practice! Most of us couldn’t (nor would we want to) be shoved onto a stage in front of an audience to give a compelling speech with no preparation and expect to be successful, yet we go on thinking that we can get to a healthier place in life without the same concern. Being healthy, lean, strong and balanced requires practice. Don’t try to hurry through it or rush past it. You NEED the time it takes to get there to allow the total transformation.

Practicing is what ultimately equips you. Nobody expects to be a great musician without practice. In the same way, being healthy is a SKILL that you develop through the art of practice. Once you begin to treat it as a valuable skill to possess, you can allow yourself to be open to the time and investment it’s going to take to get there.


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