Venue & Listener Reviews

Thanks for everything last night! I think everyone really enjoyed your music! It was a great night for Crafted! Let us know if you’re every back in town and we can get you on the schedule. Thanks again!


Owner, Crafted Tap House + Kitchen

Calcagno Cellars was fortunate to host the sweet sounds of Dawna Stafford in our downtown Troutdale tasting room. Our customers enjoyed listening to her guitar-accompanied vocals with her original music, covers, and holiday tunes while sipping their wine. Thank you to Dawna!


Calcagno Cellars Winery

Two hours of such beautiful music and songs by Dawna Stafford tonight. It was amazing. Thank you for helping us celebrate our birthday.


Owner, Trusty Brewing Company

Dawna did an evening performance at Black Pearl Haven that was well attended. Everyone loved her voice and the music she selected was perfect for the facility and personalities of the guests. She has an amazing voice. Her warm personality is reflected in her ever present smile. I hope to be able to showcase her talents again.

Jack Bothwell

Owner, Black Pearl Haven

Dawna Stafford has the perfect blend of songs between original and well-known covers. Her original songs are poetic and real while standing out from each other and without sounding formulaic or common. Her well known covers are in many cases more enjoyable than the original cuts in my opinion.

Listener Review

Watching and listening to Dawna sing and play her guitar is a real pleasure. Her warm and sincere personality immediately endears her to you and you can’t help but be at ease as she croons well-loved favorites or one of her convincing original ballads. Her songs will warm your heart and her smile will warm your soul.

Listener Review

As I’m watching and listening to your performance, your lyrics have beautiful imagination. I can see that they’re your thoughts. You’re a romantic that writes with hope.

Listener Review

You sounded so good and very cute. Everything about it. You, your presence…it’s a great package.

Listener Review

It was super fun seeing you again….double bonus in one week! Loved hearing your music!

Listener Review

I’m going to go home and put together a music set. I’m inspired to start performing again

Listener Review

Had a lovely time… attended Dawna Stafford singing live… it was awesome!

Listener Review

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Working together for the success of your business is important! This isn’t just about live music. It isn’t just about musical talent and creativity. Yes, you want to hire an interesting and talented performer, but I also see each performance as an opportunity to work together to increase your business and collectively grow our network. I look forward to working with you soon!


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Dawna Stafford Music

Dawna is a northwest singer-songwriter and cover song artist based in Spokane and Northern Idaho. Described as a folk-rock star, her acoustic arrangements and vocals are soulful and raw. Her style is an upbeat fusion of modern folk and light rock, delivering live performances that are fun, diverse and relatable. Audiences love the dynamic range from upbeat and tempo driven to melodic and thoughtful. Dawna is a versatile artist who knows how to engage and entertain people with a mix of both originals and familiar cover songs that span the decades.