Dawna Stafford Music | Event Booking

Are you looking for an acoustic guitar musician for your event? Here are some things to consider:

  • Make your event stand out! Have your favorite songs performed live.
  • If you’re in a smaller event space a full band might be overpowering. A fun, carefully blended acoustic set with vocals may be just what you need!
  • Simplicity. Acoustic guitar and vocals (powered with a smaller, portable sound system) can offer a tastefulness and simplicity that larger bands cannot.
  • Acoustic solo is fun and engaging! Dawna Stafford offers a mix of original songs along with fun and familiar covers that create an entertaining atmosphere without all the fuss.
  • You don’t have to chose between a band or an acoustic artist. You can have both! Mix it up. Give your band a break and help your guests avoid audio fatigue by offering a variety.

Do You Have special music requests? Think of the possibilities!

  • A live version of a favorite song
  • Various styles and genres adapted for acoustic yet still familiar and fun
  • Consider a one-of-a-kind song written and performed live for your special day
  • Surprise your guest of honor

Dawna Stafford is an acoustic singer-songwriter who performs diverse musical sets that are engaging and entertaining. Whether you’re looking for one song to be performed live or for a full set of entertainment at your next event, she offers a unique flexibility to work within your vision. Contact Dawna to learn more about the possibilities or to book your event today!


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Dawna Stafford Music

Dawna is a northwest singer-songwriter and cover song artist based in Spokane and Northern Idaho. Described as a folk-rock star, her acoustic arrangements and vocals are soulful and raw. Her style is an upbeat fusion of modern folk and light rock, delivering live performances that are fun, diverse and relatable. Audiences love the dynamic range from upbeat and tempo driven to melodic and thoughtful. Dawna is a versatile artist who knows how to engage and entertain people with a mix of both originals and familiar cover songs that span the decades.