A Lie has Speed but Truth Has Endurance Part 1

by | Feb 12, 2017 | Blog, Featured, Health & Fitness, Mindset

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Lies have speed and force. Lies are a motivator that cause reaction. It’s easy to think of examples in life of how lies can be harmful, hurtful and devastating… and sometimes the lies are a lot more interesting than the truth. Lies can be exciting which means they do provide energy.

Most of us have a clear perspective on how seeking and acting on truth in our lives is a principle that leads to good things but do we give the same consideration to the lies that we believe about ourselves?

Here are some common, self-produced and easy-to-believe lies that you may believe about yourself:

  1. “If I could just change (my genetics, my cravings, my willpower), then I would have an easier time moving toward what I want.”
  2. “I can do this (life thing, diet thing, exercise thing) on my own.”
  3. I have failed every other time I’ve tried to make a change. I’m not capable of anything different.
  4. I feel disgusting. I’m disappointed in myself. I hate the way I look. I hate where I am now so I’m finally ready to change.

Lies are a motivator that cause reaction. Truth is a motivator that helps you create a thoughtful plan and with that comes lasting change.

We crave lasting change. Lasting change isn’t going to happen from something fueled by a lie or negativity that is simply causing a quick reflex to engage. Sure, a reflex can be very forceful, but knee-jerk reactions happen without a thought or plan. Without a plan how do we arrive at a goal? We don’t. Even if somehow luck gets you there, you’ve in no way formed new habits that will keep you on a new course permanently. Forming productive habits and routine takes intention and consistency.

Interjecting truth. Let’s contrast the previous negative statements:

  1. You can’t change genetics and it’s okay to stop trying.
  2. You shouldn’t isolate yourself. Find people who are more like what you want to become and spend time with them.
  3. You are capable even if you’ve failed before.
  4. You can’t move toward permanent change based on negative feelings and emotions about how you look and your current reality.

The tension that is created in your life by the lies and negativity is NEVER EVER as strong as the power and momentum of the truth.

Establish the truths of your current reality. If there are things you can’t control or change, recognize that. Realize that living in the lies of defeat aren’t serving you or getting you what you ultimately want. Begin making decisions based on the truth that you can have success even if it’s not as “easy” as it may appear for some people. You should seek support because it’s proven that people who do, are categorically more successful. Failure isn’t an option, it’s a step. It’s a lie to say that because you’ve failed you’re not capable of success. If you  haven’t failed. You haven’t tried. Therefore there’s success even in the failure. Love and accept where you are even if you aren’t satisfied. “Recognize what needs to change and crave the result so intensely that the work it takes to get there is irrelevant.” – Tim S. Grover

Successful people are confident, thankful, and appreciative of who they are and what they have, but simultaneously find excitement and great anticipation of capturing a deeper sense of strength and ambition in their lives. Being content (not satisfied) has to co-exist with the tension of the determination toward growth since it’s not possible to instantly move from one place to the next. When you capture that TRUTH you create the endurance that is necessary for lasting change.

Truth is a motivator that helps you create a thoughtful plan and with that comes lasting change.

A Lie Has Speed But Truth Has Endurance Part 2

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