Broken Branches | The Story Behind The Song

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“Beautiful. I could really relate to the story behind the song. I think for me this was a perfect song to put into words my feelings toward myself. It had my eyes filling up listening to the emotions in your voice. Keep doing what you’re doing the way you’re doing it.” – Maureen

Broken Branches | The Story Behind The Song


Broken Branches | The Song

Broken Branches
by Dawna Stafford © January 2019


Write the words then rip out the pages.
Sew the seam then tear out the stitches
To be good enough, good enough

Climb the tree then break the branches
Threatening for all the last chances
To be good enough, good enough


Don’t even say a word. Life must still be earned.
In the torn out pages and the broken branches.


Put on a smile brush off the feeling.
Bruising the skin, no time for healing
To be good enough, good enough
Show up to fight, too sick to eat and
Take the fall without believing
To be good enough, good enough


Half way there with no time to save and
Nothing to hide a future to gain
To be good enough, good enough.
Writing the words across the pages
Fixing the seam with ten thousand stitches
Taking the floor for the last dance
To be good enough, good enough.

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Dawna is a northwest singer-songwriter and cover song artist based in Spokane and Northern Idaho. Described as a folk-rock star, her acoustic arrangements and vocals are soulful and raw. Her style is an upbeat fusion of modern folk and light rock, delivering live performances that are fun, diverse and relatable. Audiences love the dynamic range from upbeat and tempo driven to melodic and thoughtful. Dawna is a versatile artist who knows how to engage and entertain people with a mix of both originals and familiar cover songs that span the decades.