Dawna Stafford Performs Two New Originals For the First Time At Artichoke Music in Portland, Oregon

If love songs had seasons these newest originals by Dawna Stafford reminisce about summer, pay tribute to fall, and whisper about winter with reflections of Christmases past.

“I didn’t start out to write songs that were seasonal. Both of these new pieces were written so effortlessly, it wasn’t until I stepped away from them and thought about the combined lyric and stories that I saw that commonality.”


Pocket Watch was written in October 2017 as the leaves were falling from the trees in the northwest. The use of a pocket watch in this song has to do with the need to continuously wind it to keep it working, “I wind again just to wind up here…” and if forward motion seems to be keeping you in the same place then, “This time, baby we’ll unwind so that this time maybe we’ll wind up in love.” 


Twenty-Five was written in a few hours just a day before it was performed at Artichoke Music. “It was mid December and I wanted to write something that reflected Christmas and the reminiscing that many of us tend to do around the holidays. I specifically wanted to create something special for what I knew would be an attentive crowd at the Artichoke Cafe.” Twenty-Five is a slow down, remember, and breathe type of a song. There is definite sadness there as a set of old letters bring up lots of memories and what-ifs but that’s also not always the end of the story.