64 Audio In Ear Monitors Unboxing

64 Audio In Ear MonitorsMy journey to 64 Audio In Ear Monitors: I started playing guitar in my early 20’s and played informally with small groups of musicians for years. In the last 10 years as my kids have grown, I’ve worked hard to focus more of my time and energy to do more with music. I’ve grown so much as I play often with other talented musicians on stage, schedule practice time, and focus on writing music. I’m realizing a life-long dream by booking to play in venues here in the northwest and experience people responding so positively to my music. To learn more about my genre & style along with demos and recommendations you can click here.

As any musician knows, the more time you spend practicing and playing, the more discerning you become about your instruments and your gear. I’ve experimented with different microphones, guitar strings, effects processors, 64 Audio IEMpedals, stands, headphones and earbuds. When performing with a band I use an in-ear monitor system and have been using a $20 pair of earbuds for years. I’ve wanted custom IEM’s (in ear monitors) for a long time but had to wait for the right time to make that kind of investment. Once I was ready I narrowed it down to one choice.

64 Audio In Ear Monitors

64 Audio is a local Portland area business launched in, you guessed it, 1964. There are several points to their IEM technology that make it a stand out choice but I knew I’d be in excellent company with artists like Kanye West, Joe Walsh, Dragon Force, and Joss Stone who are just a handful of many artists using 64 Audio in ear monitors. So, here are these local guys producing custom IEM’s for incredible, world renowned artists, yet when I stopped in for a tour of their facility in Vancouver, WA to learn more about the in-ears, their staff and ownership treated me like family.

Best In ear monitorsFrom the first stage of production to the last polishing step, this is a comprehensive, detailed and painstakingly crafted process. The result is a beautifully constructed set of in-ears with anywhere from 1 to 18 drivers. They boast the APEX technology that relieves air pressure, tubeless in-ear audio (TIA) that allows sound to travel to the ear in a more natural way, and all ear impressions are digitally scanned for a 3D detail for ultimate comfort and fit. You can learn more about these technologies at www.64audio.com.

excuse my constant giggling in this video. I was clearly excited to swing by and pick up my new in-ears! Thank you to Roman and the whole team at 64 Audio.

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