Crush Your Glutes and Legs With These Three Exercises Using Strongboard Balance Board

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Determined to amp up my usual workout I brought my Strongboard balance board into the gym. I picked this series of three leg and glute exercises and as it turns out I couldn’t walk for 3 days. 🙂 If you’re accustom to working out with some level of frequency and have a usual routine, it becomes more difficult to break down muscle and experience soreness. It also seems to be harder to target specific areas because your muscles get used to performing similar motions. I like being sore after a workout because I can really feel what areas I managed to specifically target. Muscle soreness also seems to give my mind a refresher course in how I’m connecting with specific muscles and then I can continue to create the most effective workouts.


3 Lower Body Exercises You Can Do With Your Strongboard Balance

1. Strongboard Jump Squat with TRX

I’ve done a jump squat on the Strongboard before without the TRX straps. However, when I added the TRX I was really able to go deep into my squat both on and off the board. This also increased my trust factor for landing on the board and I could really focus on the squat. You can always loosen your hold on the TRX and limit the amount that you’re using upper body in order to increase performance of your lower body. I performed this to absolute failure and let me tell you…it was painful.

2. Strongboard Pistol Squat with TRX

A traditional pistol squat is HARD and it crushes your quads. I suspect that of the three lower body exercises I did during this rotation, it was this pistol squat that had me hurting like an old timer while going down stairs and it was painful for several days. The good news is, I know I targeted my quads and keeping these in my routine will ensure my legs are solid.

3. Strongboard Glute Bridge with TRX

This glute bridge combines a hamstring curl and bridge raise. As I watch this back I can see the point at which I reminded myself to engage in the bridge raise and squeeze those glute muscles. I increased the challenge by holding for a beat at the top of the motion.

Why add the Strongboard?

You can do all of these exercises without a balance board and they are still effective. Adding the Strongboard basically insists that you engage more of your muscle at all times. Even in the hamstring curl/glute raise, I was challenging my core because I was forced to constantly stabilize a significant amount of my weight throughout the exercise.

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